A Brand New Mainline Shovel Knight Game Is Now In Development

A new mainline Shovel Knight game is in development, promising innovative gameplay and possibly 3D graphics. Hints for this game have been in previous titles.

: Yacht Club Games has announced the development of a new mainline Shovel Knight game. This game promises groundbreaking, innovative gameplay mechanics and may feature 3D graphics. Hints for the new game have been scattered across previous Shovel Knight titles.

Yacht Club Games has revealed that a brand new mainline Shovel Knight game is currently in development. The announcement came as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations for the Shovel Knight series and promises to introduce the character to an entirely new dimension of gaming.

The developers are committed to creating an experience that not only honors Shovel Knight's legacy but also includes groundbreaking and innovative gameplay mechanics. Speculation is high that the game might make a generational leap to 3D graphics, as hinted by a new 3D logo featured in the teaser video.

Adding to the excitement, Yacht Club Games mentioned that previous Shovel Knight titles contain hints about what's next for the series. Since its debut ten years ago, Shovel Knight has become an iconic character, leading to multiple DLC campaigns and spin-offs. Fans are eagerly anticipating this bold new adventure.