AirPlay turns the Delta emulator into a full-on retro console

Delta emulator supports AirPlay for iPhone, transforming into a retro gaming console on TV.

: The Delta emulator for iPhones, which emulates classic Nintendo consoles, now supports AirPlay, enabling games to be played on a television. Users can use their phone as a controller or connect a Bluetooth controller for a more authentic gaming experience without noticeable lag. This feature enhances the usability of Delta, making it an exciting development in the realm of iOS emulators.

The introduction of the Delta emulator on the iPhone platform represents a significant advancement in mobile gaming, particularly for enthusiasts of retro games. With support for a variety of Nintendo consoles, including NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBA, and Nintendo DS, Delta allows users to carry a vast library of classic games in their pocket. However, the recent addition of AirPlay support has further elevated the utility of Delta, transforming it into a comprehensive retro gaming console that can easily connect to a television. This new functionality means that with minimal effort, users can stream their games from their iPhone to an Apple TV or computer, with the phone serving as a touchscreen controller or opting for a more traditional gaming experience through a Bluetooth-connected controller. Andrew Webster's testing revealed a seamless integration with devices like the PS5's DualSense controller, offering an authentic and lag-free gaming experience on a larger screen.

The ease within which the AirPlay feature can be utilized with Delta, and the quality of the gaming experience it provides, marks a notable achievement in the realm of iOS emulators. While touchscreen controls on a phone can suffice, the opportunity to use real buttons on a controller enhances the gaming experience significantly, particularly for games that were originally designed with TV and physical controllers in mind. Moreover, this feature not only benefits solo players but also opens up new avenues for multiplayer gaming experiences, a crucial aspect of many classic games.

As the iOS emulator scene continues to evolve, Delta’s integration of AirPlay is a testament to the potential of mobile devices to offer more than just portable gaming. By blurring the lines between mobile and traditional console gaming, Delta offers a versatile gaming experience that caters to the nostalgia of veteran gamers while introducing younger audiences to the classics. The early success and positive reception of Delta's AirPlay feature signal a promising direction for the future of iOS emulators, demonstrating the growing capabilities and scalability of gaming on the iPhone.