Amazon is reportedly way behind on its new Alexa

Amazon's new Alexa faces delays, with significant challenges in AI integration and organizational dysfunction hindering progress.

: Amazon's new, AI-enhanced Alexa is significantly delayed and may never meet its ambitious goals. Internal issues and technological challenges are major obstacles. The company remains committed to improving Alexa, despite setbacks.

Amazon's new Alexa, aimed at being more conversational and contextually aware, faces significant delays. According to Fortune, the new Alexa struggles with technological challenges and organizational dysfunction, which have impeded its progress and led to doubts about its eventual success.

Interviews with former employees highlight the difficulties Amazon faces, including complications with integrating the new AI model into the existing infrastructure. These employees believe that the current Alexa system hinders the development of the new, more advanced model, and that the company has not yet figured out a successful integration strategy.

Despite these setbacks, Amazon says it remains committed to developing Alexa into the world's best personal assistant. The company is working on scaling generative AI across its extensive network of Alexa-enabled devices to improve user experience. The new head of devices and services, Panos Panay, faces the challenge of delivering on these promises in the coming months.