AMD engineer tells the tale of when the PlayStation 4 saved the chipmaker from bankruptcy

AMD credits PlayStation 4's 2013 launch with averting bankruptcy post-2008 crisis, which was exacerbated by Intel's swift recovery.

: An AMD engineer revealed that the PlayStation 4's 2013 launch was pivotal in preventing AMD's bankruptcy. The 2008 financial crisis, coupled with Intel's dominance, had left AMD in a precarious position. The console's success bridged the gap until the company's resurgence with the Zen architecture.

An AMD engineer shared that the PlayStation 4's 2013 launch was crucial in saving the company from bankruptcy during its darkest period from the mid-2000s to mid-2010s. The 2008 financial crisis had heavily impacted AMD, and Intel's swift recovery and continued dominance exacerbated their financial struggles.

To stay afloat, AMD sold multiple IPs and enacted temporary pay cuts for employees. Despite their efforts, the company faced significant challenges, making the successful launch of the PlayStation 4 a key turning point that provided much-needed revenue.

The success of the PS4, which used AMD's Jaguar chips, bought the company time until the introduction of the Zen architecture. This architectural advancement positioned AMD back as a competitive force in the market, ultimately paving the way for the company's current achievements in the tech industry.