AMD teases "really cool" upgrades coming to its 3D V-Cache tech

AMD hints at exciting 3D V-Cache upgrades for early 2025, possibly featuring variable cache sizes and APU integration.

: AMD is planning significant improvements to its 3D V-Cache technology, likely to arrive by early 2025. The enhancements could involve varying cache sizes and integrating the technology into APUs. This shows AMD's commitment to continuing innovation in gaming performance.

AMD's innovative 3D V-Cache technology, which vertically stacks additional L3 cache onto the processor die to enhance gaming performance, is set for further improvements. AMD's senior technical marketing manager, Donny Woligroski, emphasized during Computex 2024 that the company is not resting on its laurels and aims to enhance the X3D technology for future iterations.

The next version of Zen 5 X3D is anticipated to be released in early 2025, several months after the standard Ryzen 9000 series CPUs. This delay is seen as an opportunity for AMD to innovate further, potentially by varying the size of the SRAM cache to provide more product segmentation within the Ryzen lineup.

Moreover, AMD might extend 3D V-Cache technology to its APUs and Ryzen AI mobile chips to improve GPU performance, which is often limited by memory bandwidth. This integration could lead to significant performance gains, similar to the benefits seen with high-end RDNA 2 and 3 discrete GPUs, emphasizing that 3D V-Cache is far from a one-time innovation.