An AI-designed horse purse is tearing apart this small but passionate community

AI-generated horse purse from Baggu's Collina Strada collab sparks backlash over transparency and ethical concerns.

: Baggu's collaboration with Collina Strada featured an AI-generated print, causing backlash among fans. Customers were upset about the lack of transparency and ethical concerns regarding AI usage. This situation highlights ongoing debates about AI in art and design.

Baggu, known for its reusable shopping bags, collaborated with New York-based brand Collina Strada to release a new collection featuring AI-generated prints. The collection included a nylon purse shaped like a horse, which initially generated hype but eventually led to controversy.

Fans discovered that some prints were created using the AI image generator Midjourney, sparking backlash over the lack of transparency and ethical concerns. Many criticized the use of AI, accusing it of stealing from other artists and questioned the environmental impact of generative AI.

While Collina Strada has previously discussed using AI for its designs, this collaboration's communication strategy seemed insufficient to address customers' concerns. This scenario reflects broader discussions about the role of AI in creative fields and ethical boundaries, indicating a complex and evolving debate.