Android 15 just reached a major milestone

Android 15 reaches platform stability with the third beta release, hinting at a fall launch and highlighting new biometric and passkey features.

: Google has released the third beta of Android 15, achieving platform stability. This means APIs are finalized and developers can start testing their apps. The update includes a streamlined passkey UI and improvements in biometric model handling.

Google has released the third beta version of Android 15, marking a significant milestone as the software reaches platform stability. This indicates that the APIs are now finalized, allowing developers to begin testing their applications with this near-final version.

One of the notable changes in this beta is an improvement in the passkey UI. The Google Password Manager prompt to use a passkey is now combined with the biometric input screen, making the process quicker. Additionally, new fallback options have been introduced for easier access in the keyboard and text field drop-down menus.

Moreover, Android 15 includes a feature that can automatically detect and delete poorly performing biometric models, prompting users to reenroll their biometrics. This enhancement can address performance issues related to biometric authentication without requiring manual intervention. These updates signify Android 15's progression towards its final release expected in the fall.