Anterior grabs $20M from NEA to expedite health insurance approvals with AI

Anterior raises $20M from NEA to use AI for faster health insurance approvals, aiming to reduce denials and improve patient care access.

: Anterior raised $20M in a Series A round led by NEA to expedite health insurance approvals using AI. This funding includes participation from existing investors Sequoia and Neo, as well as several angel investors. Anterior plans to expand its AI-driven solutions to other medical administrative functions.

Anterior, a tech company using AI to speed up health insurance approval processes for medical procedures, has secured a $20 million Series A round at a $95 million post-money valuation. The round was led by NEA, with existing investors Sequoia and Neo, and several angel investors including Mustafa Suleyman participating.

Anterior, formerly Co:helm, was co-founded by Abdel Mahmoud, a former doctor who transitioned into tech after frustration with the administrative burdens of the medical field. Anterior's LLM-powered co-pilot aims to assist nurses and doctors by automating the collection of medical documentation required for insurance, reducing denial rates, and accelerating patient care access.

Anterior plans to expand beyond prior authorization automation to cover other medical administrative functions. The company's board now includes Mohamad Makhzoumi from NEA, whose investments include Tempus and Xaira. Anterior faces competition from Cohere Health, a prior authorization automation provider that has raised a total of $106 million.