Apple could announce a Google Gemini deal this fall

Apple may announce a deal with Google Gemini for chatbot integration this fall, increasing AI options on its devices.

: Apple is expected to announce a partnership with Google Gemini this fall, according to Mark Gurman. This move follows the integration of ChatGPT into Apple devices and could include other AI services like those from Anthropic. Apple's broader AI strategy, including Apple Intelligence, aims to generate direct profits through potential future subscriptions.

Apple is anticipated to reveal a collaboration with Google Gemini for chatbot integration this fall, enhancing its AI offerings. This news, reported by Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, follows the initial integration of ChatGPT with Apple devices, which had left some users wanting more variety.

In addition to Google Gemini, rumors suggest that Apple might partner with Anthropic for AI services, though a deal with Meta's Llama chatbot seems unlikely due to its perceived inadequacies. This expansion aligns with Apple software head Craig Federighi's hints post-keynote and is part of a broader effort to make AI a direct profit avenue.

Apple is set to introduce Apple Intelligence, initially in beta on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, aiming for eventual subscription-based features. Although the first iteration may not trigger significant iPhone upgrades, Apple will still benefit financially from in-app purchases linked to its AI partners' subscriptions. For consumers, this will mean more AI options, even if the practical differences might be subtle or novelty-driven.