Apple finally adds support for RCS in latest iOS 18 beta

Apple adds RCS support in iOS 18 beta, allowing rich messaging features for non-Apple devices and limited to specific U.S. carriers.

: Apple has added RCS support to its Messages app in the iOS 18 beta, enabling richer messaging features. Currently, it is limited to certain U.S. carriers. iPhone users can now utilize RCS with Android users, but messages will still show as green bubbles.

Apple introduced support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) in the second developer beta of iOS 18. This new feature allows iPhone users to access enhanced messaging functionalities like file sharing and read receipts with Android users, addressing a long-standing request from both communities.

However, the RCS support is currently limited to U.S. carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Users can enable the feature if their carrier has updated its network bundle to support iOS 18, although messages from Android devices will still appear as green bubbles.

Apple briefly mentioned this update at its Worldwide Developer Conference, emphasizing the advantages of RCS over traditional SMS and MMS. The company’s move is seen as a step toward bridging the messaging gap between iPhone and Android users. The developer beta also introduced a feature allowing iPhones to mirror displays on Mac computers.