Apple gives Apple Home users something they’ve been begging for

iOS 18 lets Apple Home users choose their preferred Home hub, improving performance and reliability for smart home setups.

: Apple Home users can now select their preferred Home hub with iOS 18, addressing long-standing performance issues. This update allows for hardwired Apple TVs to be prioritized over Wi-Fi-based HomePods. The change aims to enhance automation speed and overall system reliability.

With the release of iOS 18, Apple Home users gain the long-awaited feature to select their preferred Home hub. This means they can opt for their hardwired Apple TVs rather than the default Wi-Fi-based HomePods, which has been a source of frustration for many users.

This update is significant because it addresses performance issues and reliability concerns. Users have reported that smart home tasks run faster and more smoothly when using a hardwired connection rather than relying on Wi-Fi, which can sometimes slow down automations and reduce overall reliability.

Previously, the only workaround was to manually unplug all other hubs, but this often reverted once they were plugged back in. The new feature streamlines the process and gives users more control over their home automation systems, significantly improving their experience.