Apple Intelligence and a better Siri may be coming to iPhones this spring

Apple's AI, dubbed Apple Intelligence, will enhance Siri in iOS 18.4 by spring 2025, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

: Apple's AI system, Apple Intelligence, will improve Siri in iOS 18.4 by spring 2025, per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The AI will introduce new capabilities like digging out ID info and providing tech support. Future plans include AirPods with cameras for environmental navigation.

Apple plans to roll out its Apple Intelligence AI system, which will significantly enhance Siri's capabilities, in the iOS 18.4 update by spring 2025. This information comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who shared the details in his latest Power On newsletter. Currently, Apple has only committed to releasing the new AI features sometime next year, making Gurman's statement the most specific timeline available.

Apple is known for introducing new features in stages through point updates to its operating systems. As such, Siri might see early enhancements like being able to find and input specific data from the user's photo library, but other features like AI-powered emoji creation and writing assistance may not be ready immediately. The exact timeline for the beta versions incorporating these features remains to be seen later this year.

Additional AI features are expected this fall, including a new ChatGPT integration and a revamped Siri interface with a pulsing rainbow graphic. Future innovations may involve AirPods equipped with cameras and infrared sensors to work with the Vision Pro for hand gesture detection, akin to Meta's Ray-ban glasses, as forecasted by supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.