Apple Intelligence: What devices and features will actually be supported?

Apple Intelligence features will only be available on newer devices like iPhone 15 Pro and those with M-series chips, excluding iPhone 14 Pro.

: Apple's latest features for Apple Intelligence in iOS 18 will only be accessible on newer devices with A17 Pro or M-series chips. Older models like iPhone 14 Pro won't support these features due to hardware limitations. General iOS 18 updates, however, will still be available for all compatible devices.

Apple Intelligence features introduced at WWDC 2024 will require devices with the A17 Pro or M-series chips, meaning only the latest devices like the iPhone 15 Pro will support them. This includes updates like Genmoji, Image Playground, and the redesigned Siri with advanced writing tools integrated into the system.

Older devices such as the iPhone 14 Pro with the A16 chip will not be able to access these Apple Intelligence features, potentially due to hardware limitations, especially in memory and GPU capabilities. Users of these devices will still receive a range of updates through iOS 18, such as customizable home screens and improved control centers.

The redesigned Siri and other notable tools like contextual understanding and advanced text interaction will be exclusive to the Apple Intelligence-supported devices. Despite this, all iPhones compatible with iOS 18 will enjoy various new functionalities and improvements across apps like Maps, Safari, and Photos, ensuring a significant OS upgrade for everyone.