‘Apple Intelligence’ will automatically choose between on-device and cloud-powered AI

Apple's upcoming 'Apple Intelligence' will choose between on-device and cloud AI, prioritizing privacy.

: Apple is set to introduce a new AI feature called 'Apple Intelligence' at WWDC 2024, which will decide between on-device and cloud processing. The system will include AI-assisted functionalities like summaries and enhanced Siri but will avoid creating user profiles for privacy. It requires M1 chip or higher for Macs and iPads, and iPhone 15 Pro or later models.

Apple is preparing to unveil its new AI system named 'Apple Intelligence' during the WWDC 2024, focusing on seamlessly integrating AI functionalities across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The system will wisely select whether to process tasks locally or on the cloud based on the nature of the task and the device capabilities.

The AI enhancements include generating summaries, providing reply suggestions, and revamping Siri to better interact with apps, aiming to serve applications with mass appeal while staying away from user data profiling. This approach reflects Apple's commitment to user privacy and security, evident from opting to not build profiles or sell user data.

Hardware requirements for utilizing these AI features will need modern Apple devices with at least an M1 chip in iPads and Macs, and an iPhone 15 Pro for mobile users. Users interested in these features will have the option to enable them, ensuring that only those interested in AI-assisted functionalities have them activated.