Apple is first company charged with violating EU’s DMA rules

Apple accused of violating EU's DMA rules. New investigation opened on alternative iOS app stores. Apple could face significant fines.

: Apple is accused of violating the EU's DMA rules by restricting app developers' ability to steer users. The European Commission is also investigating Apple's support for alternative iOS app stores. Apple could face substantial fines if found guilty.

Apple has been accused of violating the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA), which aims to foster competition. The European Commission's preliminary ruling states that Apple's App Store policies hinder app developers' efforts to direct users to other purchasing options outside the store.

In addition to this, the Commission has initiated an investigation into Apple’s handling of alternative iOS app stores in Europe. This includes examining the core technology fee charged to developers and the complicated process involved in installing third-party marketplaces.

Apple may face fines amounting to 10 percent of its annual global revenue if found non-compliant, potentially increasing to 20 percent for repeat violations. In a statement, Apple mentioned that it would continue to work with the European Commission to address these issues.