Apple might partner with Meta on AI

Apple is in talks with Meta and partnering with OpenAI on AI integration for Siri. The deals aim to enhance AI capabilities across its products.

: Apple is venturing into the AI space by partnering with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Siri. Reportedly, Apple is also in talks with Meta for a similar deal, although details are not finalized. Apple's focus is on adding practical AI features to its products, balancing partnerships to extend AI capabilities.

Apple is stepping into the AI landscape by collaborating with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into a revamped version of Siri. The company aims to enhance its AI features in a practical manner, such as writing suggestions and custom emojis for its existing products.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly in discussions with Meta to strike a similar deal, which has not yet been finalized. This move could help Apple diversify its partnerships and lessen reliance on a single partner while validating Meta's generative AI technology.

Apple's approach includes not paying for these collaborations but offering distribution to AI partners who can then monetize through premium subscriptions. However, due to EU regulations, Apple will hold back some features like Apple Intelligence in regions where privacy and data security could be at risk.