‘Apple Pencil Pro’ spotted in code on Apple’s Japanese site

Apple's site hints at new 'Apple Pencil Pro' ahead of iPad event.

: A mention of the 'Apple Pencil Pro' was spotted in the code of Apple's Japanese website, potentially indicating an upcoming product reveal. The alternative text for a GIF related to Apple's 'Let Loose' iPad event described creative use of the Pencil Pro. This has fueled speculation about new features for the Apple Pencil, including interchangeable magnetic tips and a squeeze gesture.

Apple's Japanese website inadvertently hinted at the possible announcement of an 'Apple Pencil Pro', stirring excitement among Apple enthusiasts and tech watchers ahead of the company's scheduled iPad event dubbed 'Let Loose'. This discovery was made by a user, @ribu_ap712, and later reported by MacRumors, with The Verge confirming the find. The code's alternative text described an animated GIF showcasing vibrant illustrations made with the 'Apple Pencil Pro', subtly differentiating it from the descriptions found on Apple's website in other regions, which only mentioned an Apple Pencil.

The detailed depiction in the alternative text portrayed a creator using the Apple Pencil Pro in a dynamic and colorful artistic process, suggesting advanced features or capabilities not currently available in the existing Apple Pencil lineup. This has led to widespread speculation regarding the potential introduction of new functionalities, such as interchangeable magnetic tips for different drawing styles and a squeeze gesture for additional control options, which could significantly enhance the utility and appeal of the Apple Pencil among professional artists and casual users alike.

While Apple has not officially confirmed the existence of the Apple Pencil Pro, the inadvertent mention in the website's code represents a common way in which upcoming products or features are sometimes leaked. Such discoveries, especially ahead of major events, fuel speculation and anticipation among fans and the media. As Apple prepares to unveil new iPads at its 'Let Loose' event, the tech community eagerly awaits confirmation of the Apple Pencil Pro and its purported new features, hoping for innovations that could redefine the tablet drawing and notetaking experience.