Apple visionOS 2 adds 3D image transformations, ultrawide Mac display, and more later this year

Apple's visionOS 2 includes 3D image transformations, ultrawide Mac display support, and new developer APIs, launching later this year.

: Apple's visionOS 2 will release later this year, featuring 3D image transformations and ultrawide Mac display support. It incorporates extensive user feedback into its updates. Developers get new APIs for 3D objects and environments.

Apple plans to launch visionOS 2 later this year, only months after the initial release in February. The new update includes a one-touch image converter that transforms regular photos into life-size 'spatial photos' using advanced machine learning for realistic depth perception.

VisionOS 2 also introduces an 'ultrawide' display option for Mac Virtual Display, essentially providing the experience of having two 4K monitors that curve around the user. The update enhances macOS interoperability, adding mouse support and the ability to see the physical Magic Keyboard in virtual environments.

For developers, visionOS 2 includes new volumetric APIs to simplify the creation of 3D apps. These tools are designed for various industries, such as healthcare, aerospace, and automotive, offering capabilities like barcode scanning and virtual object manipulation. Apple has made a developer preview available, with a full public release likely aligning with its fall OS updates.