Apple’s innovative new CarPlay will function exclusively wirelessly.

Apple's new CarPlay will work wirelessly and offers a toolkit for automakers to customize, despite initial industry skepticism.

: Apple's next-generation CarPlay will work exclusively wirelessly, aiming to unify car interfaces. Automakers will be able to customize it, though there is industry skepticism. Apple has integrated multiple UI layers, balancing control between Apple and automakers.

Apple has unveiled that its next-generation CarPlay will function exclusively wirelessly, aiming to unify interfaces across car screens. Despite two years of anticipation, only Aston Martin and Porsche have committed to using the system without concrete release dates.

The car industry has shown skepticism towards allowing Apple to take over car interfaces. Apple has responded by offering automakers a design toolkit and various UI layers, ensuring they retain significant control over their systems.

New CarPlay features include local UI running on the car for critical functions, remote UI running on the phone for navigation and entertainment, and 'punch-through UI' allowing automakers to integrate their existing systems. This hybrid approach hopes to encourage adoption while addressing connectivity challenges.