As VC firms invest more in B2B startups, Intuition is a new VC fund focusing on consumer tech

Intuition, a Paris-based VC, focuses on consumer tech amidst a sea of B2B investments.

: Intuition, a new VC fund based in Paris, is betting exclusively on consumer tech, diverging from the current trend of heavy investments in B2B and AI startups. Founded by Hugo Amsellem and Etienne Boutan, the fund aims to fill the gap in the underrepresented sector of consumer tech with a €15 million initial fund. They plan to leverage events and community-building alongside traditional investments to foster innovation in the consumer tech space.

As the venture capital landscape in 2024 is predominantly geared towards B2B startups, especially in the enterprise AI sector, Intuition emerges as a contrarian bet focused on consumer technology. Founded by Hugo Amsellem and Etienne Boutan, both of whom bring a wealth of experience from the consumer tech and startup ecosystem, Intuition aims to address the neglected opportunity in consumer tech investments. With an initial fund of €15 million, the Paris-based firm plans to invest in over 40 companies, focusing on those at the pre-seed or seed stage, offering a vital lifeline to innovations that could shape future consumer behavior and culture.

The fund's foundation is marked by the growing skepticism towards consumer tech investments, given past failures and the domination of major players like Meta, ByteDance, and Snap. However, Amsellem and Boutan are undeterred, believing in the untapped potential of consumer tech to influence culture and drive new forms of engagement. Their strategy includes not only direct funding but also the cultivation of a vibrant community through a series of events aimed at fostering collaboration and shared learning among startups in this sector.

Despite the challenging environment, Intuition's focus on consumer tech through financial investment, community building, and strategic events positions the fund as a unique player in the venture capital ecosystem. As it collaborates with other key VC firms and engages in cultural discussions, Intuition not only seeks to provide the necessary capital to emerging startups but also to resurrect consumer tech as a coveted investment destination, signaling a broader shift towards recognizing the value of consumer-oriented innovation in transforming culture and technology landscapes.