Asus ROG Ally to receive a revision with more storage and a bigger battery

Asus ROG Ally X to feature more storage, bigger battery, and other upgrades.

: Asus is set to release an updated version of its ROG Ally handheld PC, named the ROG Ally X, with improvements based on user feedback. The new model will maintain the same processor and display but will include enhancements such as a significantly larger battery, more RAM, and a larger SSD slot. Additional updates include a relocated SD card slot, replaceable joysticks, and adjustments to the D-pad, triggers, and grips.

The ROG Ally, Asus's answer to the portable PC gaming market currently dominated by the Steam Deck, is approaching its first anniversary with a planned update that aims to refine the experience based on consumer feedback. The upcoming model, dubbed the ROG Ally X, is slated for a full unveiling on June 2, 2024. While core specs like the AMD Z1 Extreme SoC and the 7-inch 48-120Hz 1080p VRR screen will remain unchanged, Asus is directing its focus towards quality-of-life improvements. These include a more than 40 percent increase in battery life, addressing the most common request from users. The new model is expected to be heavier due to this battery upgrade, reversing the original model's emphasis on a lighter weight.

Storage solutions are also getting a boost, with a shift to a larger M.2 SSD slot compatible with 2280 drives, offering both increased storage capacity and potentially lower costs for users expanding their device's storage. Concerns over the original model's SD card slot causing potential overheating are being addressed by relocating the slot away from the vent. Modifications to the device's ergonomics and usability, such as upgradable joysticks and improvements to the D-pad, triggers, and grips, aim to enhance the gaming experience. The Ally X will continue to run Windows, a decision made to facilitate access to a broader range of gaming platforms beyond Steam, despite some criticism of this choice.

Despite not being a groundbreaking overhaul in terms of hardware, the ROG Ally X represents a series of thoughtful refinements influenced by community feedback. Asus's decision to focus on battery life, storage, and usability improvements while retaining the platform's core strengths indicates a commitment to evolving its gaming hardware in response to actual user needs and preferences. The anticipation around the ROG Ally X's launch reflects the growing interest in portable PC gaming solutions and the importance of manufacturers listening and responding to their user base.