Audi is adding ChatGPT into existing cars going back to 2021, more going forward

Audi integrates ChatGPT into vehicles from 2021, enhancing driver voice control over AC, infotainment, and navigation systems.

: Audi will integrate ChatGPT into two million cars from model year 2021 onwards, using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service for current models and Cerence Chat Pro for newer models. This allows drivers to control AC, infotainment, and navigation with their voice, enhancing safety and convenience. Audi prioritizes data security and compliance with EU Data Act and AI Act.

Audi announced the integration of ChatGPT into two million cars from model year 2021 onwards, starting this summer. The AI chatbot will be available in vehicles supporting the MIB 3 infotainment system, while newer models with E3 1.2 electronics architecture will use Cerence Chat Pro.

Drivers will be able to control their car's AC, infotainment, and navigation systems using natural voice commands, initiated by pressing the push-to-talk button or saying 'Hey, Audi.' Audi believes this will enhance driving safety by reducing the need for manual adjustments.

Audi is also incorporating AI in the manufacturing process for quality control tasks like checking spot welds and detecting cracks. The company assures that data security is a top priority, stating that all questions and answers are deleted after processing and that ChatGPT doesn't access vehicle data, complying with EU regulations.