AWS plans major European expansion with €7.8 billion investment in sovereign data center

AWS invests €7.8 billion in a new European Sovereign Cloud in Germany to ensure data sovereignty.

: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is investing €7.8 billion to establish a European Sovereign Cloud in Brandenburg, Germany, aiming to meet the EU's strict data sovereignty requirements. This new cloud region, launching by 2025, will operate independently from AWS's global infrastructure, ensuring all services and data remain within the EU. The investment is expected to contribute €17.2 billion to Germany's GDP and create an average of 2,800 jobs annually.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans a major expansion in Europe with a €7.8 billion investment in a sovereign cloud region set to be established in Brandenburg, Germany by 2025. This new European Sovereign Cloud is designed to comply with stringent EU data regulations by providing a separate cloud environment where all operations, data, and customer support are confined to EU borders and handled by EU-based personnel. This addresses concerns about US authority over data and fulfills the requirements of organizations in highly regulated industries and the public sector that are sensitive about where their data resides.

The European Sovereign Cloud from AWS aims to offer the same cloud services and APIs currently available but with enhanced privacy and security features confined entirely within the EU. The initiative will not only bolster data sovereignty for AWS customers but also supports the local economy by creating jobs and contributing significantly to the German GDP through 2040. Moreover, AWS plans to hire locally for various roles including software developers and solutions architects, which underscores their commitment to integrating and supporting the local workforce.

AWS’s substantial investment in the European Sovereign Cloud highlights its commitment to adapting to regional legal and operational requirements. By investing in local infrastructure and human resources, AWS is poised to provide scalable and secure cloud solutions that respect the data sovereignty demands of European entities, thereby reinforcing their market leadership while fostering innovation and economic growth within the region. This strategic move also enhances their competitive edge by offering a tailored solution to European customers who are particularly concerned about data privacy and regulatory compliance.