Better Siri is coming: what Apple’s research says about its AI plans

Apple enhances Siri with AI research focusing on efficiency, creative tools, and health applications.

: Apple is advancing its AI capabilities, with a focus on making Siri more efficient and capable through innovations like on-device AI processing and model compression techniques. Researchers are exploring AI applications beyond virtual assistants, including health monitoring and creative tools like image editing and animation. The company's AI research indicates plans for a broad application of AI technologies, enhancing user experience and privacy with on-device processing.

Despite a late start in the AI spotlight compared to its competitors, Apple has been quietly making significant strides in artificial intelligence, particularly in improving Siri's efficiency and responsiveness. Recent research efforts reveal a concentrated drive towards optimizing large language models (LLMs) for faster, on-device processing to enable a smarter assistant capable of understanding and executing commands more reliably than ever. Innovations such as storing model data on SSDs for increased inference speed and compressing models without significant loss in quality underscore Apple's commitment to merging AI performance with device efficiency.

Beyond Siri, Apple's AI exploration extends into health, image editing, and potentially reshaping the music experience. With the largest motion data sensor dataset and tools for personalized image editing commands, Apple's AI research is set to revolutionize how users interact with their devices, making technology more intuitive and personalized. These developments indicate a future where AI assists in creative processes, enhances health monitoring accuracy, and possibly redefines music interaction, all while prioritizing user privacy through on-device processing.

As Apple plans to unveil these advancements at WWDC, it's clear the company is not just catching up in the AI race but is poised to redefine the landscape of personal technology with AI at its core. The integration of these AI capabilities could significantly improve user experience across Apple's ecosystem, making devices more helpful, personal, and interactive. Apple's AI research, particularly around the Ferret multi-modal large language model, suggests a future where Siri could autonomously navigate and operate apps, promising an unprecedented level of AI integration in daily tech use.