Bizarre Japanese Apex Legends club promises female companions that cheer your gameplay

A Japanese club for Apex Legends players promises female companions who engage and cheer players on, offering various services despite potential legal issues.

: A new Japanese club, Apex Kyabakura, offers female companionship to Apex Legends players. Services include chatting during gameplay and unique interactions, raising legal concerns. Payments are made with the meme coin 'nyan'.

A Japanese club named Apex Kyabakura has emerged, offering an unusual service: female companions who engage with players of Apex Legends. The club's services range from general conversation during gameplay to creative uses of controller vibrations, blending companionship with gaming.

Despite potential legal issues and similarities with a previously banned Overwatch club account, Apex Kyabakura has quickly gained nearly 2,000 followers. Users have expressed both interest and skepticism, questioning the legality and ethicality of such a service.

Payments for these services are facilitated through the decentralized meme coin 'nyan', with basic play sessions and upgrades like a 120-minute 'fall asleep' service. As virtual companionship gains popularity amidst rising male loneliness, the demand for such services could continue to grow.