China’s Quantum Supercomputer, “Origin Wukong” Blazes Trail with 225,000+ Completed Tasks

China's 'Origin Wukong' supercomputer completes over 225,000 tasks globally.

: China's Origin Wukong, a leading quantum supercomputer, has successfully executed over 225,000 computing tasks worldwide, with a high participation from users in 124 countries. This supercomputer features self-developed quantum chips and a quantum computing control system with 80% of its components localized. The supercomputer underscores China's advancements in quantum computing technology.

Origin Wukong, China's advanced quantum supercomputer, named after the legendary Sun Wukong, known for his capability to assume multiple forms, impressively mirrors its namesake with its versatile 72-bit autonomous superconducting quantum chip, the 'Wukong Core.' Launched in January 2024, this computer was developed by the Anhui Provincial Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, emphasizing significant strides in China's self-reliance in technology. Its development includes homegrown quantum chips, an independent quantum computing measurement and control system, its operating system, and application software.

As of May 27th, Origin Wukong has completed over 225,000 computing tasks for users across 124 different countries and regions, demonstrating its global reach and efficacy. Notably, the supercomputer has garnered considerable attention from the American tech community, leading in terms of user numbers among the 9.38 million remote access attempts recorded worldwide. This extensive usage highlights the supercomputer's capability and China's growing influence in the global quantum computing market.

The introduction of Origin Wukong marks a noteworthy achievement in China's quest for technological sovereignty and development in quantum computing. Providing an 80% localization rate in its construction, this initiative not only bolsters China's position in global technology leadership but also envisions significant advancements in scientific research and applications across various industries, driven by quantum computing innovations.