Chris Hemsworth says he threw the superhero rulebook 'out the window' for Furiosa

Chris Hemsworth discusses breaking superhero rules in 'Furiosa' and the impracticality of capes.

: In an interview with EW, Chris Hemsworth shares insights on his role as Dementus in 'Furiosa,' a departure from his iconic superhero roles. He enjoyed the freedom of not adhering to superhero film norms and embracing a more chaotic and villainous character. Hemsworth humorously reflects on the impracticality of capes, both in 'Furiosa' and his role as Thor in the MCU.

Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, discusses his latest role as the villainous warlord Dementus in 'Furiosa,' a prequel to 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' In an interview for EW's Summer Movie Preview, Hemsworth expresses amusement over wearing a cape yet again, despite initially thinking he would escape this element from his superhero past. This role offered him an opportunity to step out of the traditional hero mold, allowing for a grittier and more violent portrayal, which he found liberating. Hemsworth highlights his discussions with director George Miller, emphasizing their shared vision of creating a messy, ugly, and chaotic character, contrasting sharply with the predictability of superhero narratives.

Moreover, Hemsworth's insights reveal a thoughtful examination of costume design's impact on performance, particularly the drawback of capes. Despite their visual appeal in superhero and fantasy genres, Hemsworth recounts the practical challenges they pose, such as getting stuck in doors and tripping during action scenes, which led to the use of different length capes during his tenure as Thor. His playful critique echoes the sentiment of Edna Mode from 'The Incredibles,' humorously stating, 'No capes!'

The conversation also touches on his experience working alongside Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Furiosa, and their dynamic on set. Their shared experiences and the challenges of embodying such intense roles in the desolate, post-apocalyptic setting of 'Mad Max' highlight the film's departure from conventional hero-villain tropes. Hemsworth's enthusiasm for embracing a raw and unfiltered portrayal, coupled with the physical and thematic freedom the role offered, marks 'Furiosa' as a significant milestone in his acting career, shedding new light on his capabilities as an actor beyond the superhero genre.