Company cuts costs by replacing 60-strong writing team with AI

A company replaced a 60-person writing team with AI, leading to job losses and concerns over AI's impact on employment.

: A tech firm cut costs by using AI to replace a 60-person writing team, initially having writers edit AI-generated content. Eventually, the team was entirely replaced by AI, leaving only one human editor. He was later let go, fueling concerns about AI's broader job implications.

A tech company decided to reduce expenses by employing AI to take over the roles of a 60-person writing team. Initially, the writers were tasked with editing AI-generated outlines, but this soon evolved into having AI generate entire articles, leading to job losses among the writing staff.

Ultimately, only one editor remained, tasked with making the AI's text appear more human-like. This editing process was repetitive and uninspiring, making the editor feel like a robot. A few months later, even this lone editor was deemed unnecessary, resulting in his dismissal.

This sequence of events has raised concerns about AI's impact on job security across various industries. Despite issues such as low-quality output and public dissatisfaction, companies are increasingly replacing human workers with AI. The situation has prompted discussions about the need for measures like universal basic income to mitigate the societal effects of widespread AI job displacement.