Crypto Exchange Kraken Is Considering Going Nuclear

Kraken explores nuclear energy options for data centers to meet growing demand from AI and DeFi sectors, aiming for reliable, weather-independent power.

: Kraken is considering nuclear energy to power its data centers due to rising demand from AI and DeFi sectors. The exchange plans to partner with providers of small modular reactors (SMRs). This move aims to ensure energy stability and support continuous global operations.

Kraken is contemplating the use of nuclear energy for its data centers amid a projected increase in decentralized finance (DeFi) and service demand, as stated by CTO Vishnu Patankar in an interview with CoinDesk. Rather than building their own reactors, Kraken is looking to collaborate with energy suppliers who can provide small modular reactors (SMRs), which are suitable due to their lack of space and weather constraints.

The exchange is keen on securing its energy supply due to the surging demand from AI and high-performance computing (HPC) firms. Patankar emphasized the 24/7 operational needs of Kraken’s global trading volumes and noted that nuclear power could offer a more reliable and weather-independent energy source compared to alternatives like wind and solar.

This consideration comes as more tech companies seek nuclear power to meet their data center energy requirements, such as Amazon Web Services. By partnering with nuclear providers, Kraken aims to ensure business continuity even during major local energy disruptions, adding redundancy and protecting energy resilience for their global client services. Although no final decision has been made, nuclear power is seen as a promising solution for Kraken's future energy needs.