Destiny 2: The Final Shape review - a fitting end for a story ten years in the telling

Destiny 2: The Final Shape offers a satisfying end to a ten-year saga with new gameplay, despite some UI and raid integration complexities.

: Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion is a satisfying end to a decade-long saga, balancing nostalgia, lore, and novelty. The new Prismatic subclass and the Dual Destiny activity offer fresh takes on gameplay. Although the raid's integration is a bit clunky, the overall experience is mostly seamless.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion serves as a grand finale to a story arc that has spanned ten years. The plot revolves around a high-stakes conflict with The Witness, a malevolent entity seeking to reshape reality using the Traveler. Despite the long history, the game manages to simplify the lore enough for most players to follow, although newcomers might find it all overwhelming.

The introduction of the new Prismatic subclass enriches the gameplay, blending Light and Dark abilities for unique builds. However, this also adds more complexity to an already crowded UI, complicating the player's experience. The Dual Destiny two-person activity stands out as a refreshing change and offers compelling rewards, balancing the post-campaign grind.

Integrating the Salvation's Edge raid into the main storyline shows an interesting approach but falls short due to accessibility issues for casual players. The compromise of a post-raid mission for all players helps but slightly disrupts story flow. Despite these minor setbacks, The Final Shape successfully ties up the saga's loose ends, hinting at exciting new directions for future expansions.