$10,000 cooler designed with AI keeps Core i9-14900KF chilly at 7.5 GHz

A $10,000 AI-designed and 3D-printed cooler for the Core i9-14900KF CPU showed promise in cooling tests, but isn’t cost-effective for modest overclocking yet.

: An AI and 3D-printed liquid nitrogen cooler cost $10,000 to produce and outperformed the existing model in cooling tests. The cooler rapidly reduced and increased temperatures and maintained lower temperatures under load, but only offered slight real-world performance gains. High costs prevent it from being practical for typical overclocking.

Enthusiasts tested a $10,000 liquid nitrogen cooler designed using AI and 3D printing technology to enhance CPU overclocking performance. Collaborators included Skatterbencher, Diabatix, 3D Systems, and ElmorLabs, who focused on metrics like cool-down time, heat-up time, and minimum achievable temperatures to measure improvements against the existing Volcano model.

The AI-designed cooler significantly outpaced the original cooler, reducing temperatures from 28°C to -194°C in under a minute. Despite promising results in specific metrics, the costly AI cooler only showed minor gains in real-world tests with the Intel Core i9-14900KF, handling 7.5 GHz frequencies slightly better but offering only modest performance improvements in benchmarks.

Overall, the study concluded that while AI-driven designs hold potential, the current model’s $10,000 price makes it impractical for moderate overclocking applications. Future optimizations and new designs for higher-power CPUs might improve feasibility, but for now, the cost-benefit ratio remains unfavorable for most users.