Doom: The Dark Ages - how id Tech evolves for the current-gen console era

Doom: The Dark Ages showcases the new id Tech engine, featuring volumetric clouds, expansive environments, and high-detail assets for current-gen consoles.

: Doom: The Dark Ages introduces the latest id Tech engine, featuring impressive volumetric clouds and expansive play areas. The trailer reveals high-detail assets and smooth LOD transitions. Despite few flaws, it promises a thrilling experience for Doom fans on current-gen consoles.

Doom: The Dark Ages leverages the latest iteration of the id Tech engine to offer a grander scale compared to its predecessors, focusing on volumetric clouds and expansive environments. The trailer reveals detailed assets like the rounded super shotgun and high-res textures, ensuring visual fidelity in both close-up and distance views.

The game presents smooth level of detail (LOD) transitions, which are crucial for maintaining visual quality in large play areas. A rideable dragon demonstrates the effective use of cloud technology, and despite some screen-space artifacts, the game's realism is maintained through performance indicators such as frame-rate fluctuations.

Ray tracing remains unconfirmed, but the trailer's authenticity and performance drops suggest genuine gameplay footage. With a mix of new gameplay elements, weapons, and enemies, Doom: The Dark Ages appears ready to deliver an exciting experience for current-gen console gamers, continuing id's legacy of technical innovation.