Epic Games CEO promises to ‘fight’ Apple over ‘absurd’ changes

Epic Games' CEO pledges to oppose Apple's 'absurd' decisions regarding App Store changes affecting Fortnite and Epic Games Store on iOS.

: Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney vows to contest Apple's recent decisions about its games store on iOS. Apple had temporarily approved the store but demanded changes, which Epic disputes as unnecessary. The conflict continues as both companies hold firm in their stances.

Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney has pledged to fight against what he calls Apple's 'absurd' App Store policies. Although Epic's antitrust lawsuit against Apple was defeated last year, its concerns were echoed in a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice and 17 state attorneys general in March.

In Europe, the new Digital Markets Act appeared to favor Epic, allowing them to launch their own Epic Games Store on iOS with reduced commissions to Apple. However, Apple initially rejected the store due to its similarity to the App Store, specifically regarding the 'install' and 'in-app purchase' buttons.

After Epic publicly criticized Apple's 'arbitrary, obstructive' rejections and reported them to European regulators, Apple approved the store but demanded future changes. Sweeney labeled the situation as absurd and vowed to resist further modifications, setting the stage for continued conflict between the two companies.