Ex-Googler joins filmmaker to launch DreamFlare, a studio and streaming platform for AI-generated video

DreamFlare AI, co-founded by Josh Liss and Rob Bralver, offers a platform for AI-generated short videos, featuring content like Flips and Spins.

: DreamFlare AI, co-founded by ex-Googler Josh Liss and filmmaker Rob Bralver, enables creators to make and monetize AI-generated videos using third-party tools. The platform offers revenue opportunities and features like Flips and Spins. Despite ethical concerns, it has partnerships with industry leaders and raised $1.6 million.

DreamFlare AI, launched by former Google employee Josh Liss and filmmaker Rob Bralver, helps creators produce and monetize short-form AI-generated videos. The platform uses third-party tools like Runway, Midjourney, and ElevenLabs to create content, which is then distributed through a subscription-based service, offering creators revenue from subscriptions and advertising, among other options.

The platform features two main types of content: Flips, comic book-style stories with AI-generated clips, and Spins, interactive short films where viewers can choose outcomes. While some see AI as a threat, DreamFlare aims to democratize storytelling and insists it isn't replacing jobs, a stance supported by investors like FoundersX Ventures and anonymous industry executives.

DreamFlare ensures quality and legality through a stringent review process and doesn't accept R-rated content or anything inspired by copyrighted material. Instead, public domain characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan are featured. Creators can earn through various methods, including ad revenue and a soon-to-launch merchandise marketplace, with premium memberships costing $2.99 per month or $24 per year.