Extreme E is now Extreme H, a hydrogen-powered racing series starting 2025

Extreme E rebrands to Extreme H, launching hydrogen-powered race car Pioneer 25 in 2025; first race in Saudi Arabia.

: Extreme E is rebranding to Extreme H, focusing on hydrogen-powered racing. The series will begin in April 2025 with the Pioneer 25 car. Founder Alejandro Agag emphasizes hydrogen's potential for green power solutions.

Extreme E, the off-road EV racing series, announced its rebranding to Extreme H and unveiled a hydrogen-powered race car named Pioneer 25. This transition marks the adoption of hydrogen as the primary fuel source for the series.

The inaugural season of Extreme H is scheduled to start in April 2025 in Saudi Arabia, and will proceed to the UK, Germany, Italy, concluding in the US. The effort is backed by notable teams, including McLaren, aiming to promote hydrogen fuel cells in racing.

Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag emphasized that the move is about more than just e-mobility; it aims to demonstrate hydrogen’s viability as a fuel source and test the broader hydrogen ecosystem. The Pioneer 25 race car will feature a 75kW hydrogen fuel cell, showcasing the potential for green power solutions.