Figma pulls AI tool after criticism that it ripped off Apple’s design

Figma's AI tool, Make Designs, was pulled after accusations that it copied Apple's iOS weather app. Figma claims no training on Apple designs.

: Figma removed its AI tool, Make Designs, after it created designs resembling Apple's iOS weather app. CEO Dylan Field apologized for pushing deadlines and defended the company's development approach. Figma CTO Kris Rasmussen clarified that the tool used third-party models, and Figma plans to review its processes before re-enabling the feature.

Figma has decided to pull its AI tool, Make Designs, after it generated app designs that closely resembled Apple's iOS weather app. CEO Dylan Field took responsibility for pushing the team to meet deadlines and clarified that the tool's similarities to Apple's designs were unintentional, resulting from third-party model usage and a commissioned design system.

In response to critics, Field and CTO Kris Rasmussen emphasized that Figma did not train the AI models on Apple’s app designs directly. Rasmussen hinted that underlying third-party models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-4o and Amazon’s Titan Image Generator G1, might have been the source of the issue and confirmed Figma's intent to review the design system for more variability.

Figma introduced new AI training policies, allowing users until August 15th to opt in or out of using their content for future model training. While other AI features remain available in beta, Figma plans to take more precautions to ensure the Make Designs tool meets quality standards before re-enabling it. This incident underscores the broader scrutiny on companies like Adobe and Meta regarding their use of AI in creative tools.