Final Fantasy 14's server capacity increased by "roughly 50%" compared to launch of Endwalker

FF14's server capacity is up 50% for Dawntrail, easing congestion with measures like data center limits and automatic logouts to avoid Endwalker issues.

: Square Enix has increased Final Fantasy 14's server capacity by 50% to reduce congestion for the Dawntrail expansion. Measures such as limiting Data Center Travel and automatic logouts for inactivity are in place. The expansion aims to avoid previous issues experienced during the Endwalker launch.

Square Enix has announced a 50% increase in server capacity for Final Fantasy 14 ahead of the launch of its Dawntrail expansion. This move aims to address congestion issues seen during the Endwalker release, which led to significant login queues and server troubles.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida assured that server issues are unlikely for this expansion. However, login queues may still be long, and the Data Center Travel and World Visit systems will be restricted until patch 7.01 or 7.05 is released.

Players inactive for over 30 minutes will be automatically logged out, and new characters can't be created on congested worlds during peak times. Square Enix also prepared several instances of heavily trafficked new areas to mitigate congestion, while warning players of potential error messages like 'Error 2002' and 'Error 90002'.