Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a modern open-world RPG with the soul of 1997

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth expands the original with an open world and deeper story, offering both new elements and familiar fun.

: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as a continuation of the 2020 Remake, offers a larger open-world experience while filling in narrative gaps of the original 1997 game. Despite some filler, the enhancements provide a richer understanding of its story and characters, blending classic RPG elements with modern gameplay. The game includes a variety of mini-games and new plot points, maintaining the original's quirky essence.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes the iconic story of Cloud Strife and his battle against the eco-terrorist corporation Shinra and Sephiroth to new heights by introducing a vast open world. This expansion allows for a deeper dive into the story's midgame, offering new insights into the universe with richly detailed towns and intriguing backstories, such as Barret's acquisition of his gun arm and the origins of the Weapon creatures. The game’s open-world design encourages exploration, with quests that range from engaging to mundane but are given a unique twist that ties back to the Final Fantasy VII lore.

The combat system mixes real-time action with traditional turn-based strategy, offering an approachable yet deep gameplay experience. Amidst this, the game introduces numerous side activities and mini-games, including the card game Queen’s Blood, which offers a distraction from the main storyline. However, not all additions were positively received, as some mini-games and gameplay sections can feel superfluous or frustrating. Despite these criticisms, the game broadly succeeds in modernizing the experience while staying true to the spirit of the original.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth not only pays homage to its roots by preserving the original’s eccentricities but also propels the narrative and gameplay forward into the modern gaming landscape. It introduces a layer of complexity and polish to a beloved classic, enticing veteran fans and newcomers alike. The balancing act of extending the game world and deepening character arcs, while intertwining engaging gameplay mechanics and fulfilling story developments, showcases Square Enix's commitment to revitalizing the saga. With still unanswered questions and plot threads, the anticipation for the trilogy’s conclusion grows, promising even more depth, adventure, and understanding of the Final Fantasy VII universe.