Final Fantasy XIV Online Director Would Love To See Square Enix's MMO On A "Nintendo Platform"

FFXIV Online's director hopes for a future release on a Nintendo platform, possibly the Switch's successor, though technical and logistical challenges exist.

: FFXIV Online's director, Naoki Yoshida, desires to see the game on a Nintendo platform in the future. This could possibly be realized on the Switch's successor. The game's current technical demands and the upcoming graphical updates make a Switch release challenging.

Final Fantasy XIV Online director Naoki Yoshida expressed his desire to see the game available on a Nintendo platform in the future. While discussing with Easy Allies, Yoshida stated his longtime dream or goal is to make the game accessible on various devices, which could potentially include Nintendo's hardware, especially with the Switch's 'successor' on the horizon.

Yoshida pointed out that it took years of effort to bring the game to Xbox and similar endeavors would be required for a Nintendo release. Although the game may not debut during the current Nintendo generation, endeavors to make it happen are ongoing and remain a goal worth striving for according to the director.

The significant technical and logistical challenges posed by the game's large file size and graphical updates make a Switch release complicated. Yet, if the future Nintendo hardware proves sufficiently powerful, the possibility of a release becomes more viable. Meanwhile, players can enjoy the latest version on Xbox with a free trial offering extensive gameplay content.