From CD-ROM to Unreal Engine 5: Riven returns in spectacular style

Riven, a 1997 classic, is revived with Unreal Engine 5 for real-time 3D and VR. PC versions excel, but Meta Quest struggles.

: Riven, the 1997 first-person puzzle game, has been revived using Unreal Engine 5, offering real-time 3D and VR gameplay. The remake maintains the original's atmosphere but makes some compromises for Meta Quest, like lower texture resolutions and lighting changes. On high-end PCs, the game offers a stunning, immersive experience, especially in VR.

Riven, originally released in 1997 as a first-person puzzle adventure, returns with a stunning remake using Unreal Engine 5, providing both real-time 3D and VR experiences. The game was launched on July 7, 2024, and supports platforms like Meta Quest and high-spec PCs, though the latter delivers superior graphical fidelity.

The remake of Riven is faithful to the original while incorporating modern enhancements, including HDR support and intricate polygon models. The 2024 version manages to retain the unique atmosphere and engaging exploration mechanics of the original, although some character animations have been slightly downgraded from full-motion video to 3D models.

However, the Meta Quest version requires significant graphical compromises, such as reduced lighting and lower resolution textures. Despite these limitations, the game remains a testament to Cyan's artistry and enduring legacy in the gaming industry, showcasing their dedication to recreate a classic for modern audiences while offering a nostalgic journey.