GameStop's Buy Two Get One Free Sale Includes Pokemon Squishmallows And Backpacks

GameStop's sale offers a buy two, get one free deal on Pokemon merch, including Squishmallows and Loungefly backpacks.

: GameStop is hosting a buy two, get one free promotion, featuring a wide range of Pokemon merchandise such as Squishmallows and Loungefly backpacks, as well as a variety of other toys and accessories. Highlights include products like Clefairy and Teddiursa Squishmallows, with new items like Dragonite and Marill expected soon. The sale isn't limited to Pokemon items, but these offerings are among the most attractive for fans looking to expand their collection.

GameStop's current promotional sale offers a buy two, get one free deal across its website, with a significant focus on Pokemon merchandise, attracting fans with a diverse range of items from Squishmallows to Loungefly backpacks. The deal involves some of the latest Squishmallows in the Pokemon series, such as Clefairy and Teddiursa, with the promise of new additions like Dragonite and Marill in the near future. While the promotion covers various products beyond the Pokemon franchise, the inclusion of sought-after items like the Eeveelutions backpack and a 24-inch tall Cubone plush highlights the sale's appeal to Pokemon enthusiasts.

The sale is structured so that the cheapest item of the three selected is offered for free, encouraging shoppers to strategically select their merchandise to maximize savings. For instance, picking up both Clefairy and Teddiursa Squishmallows could allow a fan to get an additional item, like the Squishville Sleeping Pikachu, for free, depending on the items' prices. This sales strategy not only promotes the collection of Pokemon merchandise but also makes it more affordable for fans to acquire higher-priced items within their budget.

Despite the enticing offers available in GameStop's sale, some exclusive Pokemon-themed items remain only available through the Pokemon Center, including unique collectibles like the Pearlescent Pichu Pop! figure and the $300 beanbag chairs fashioned after popular Pokemon. While GameStop's promotion offers significant savings, the allure of exclusive merchandise underscores the vast and varied market for Pokemon products, indicating the enduring popularity and marketing potential of the brand.