Google I/O 2024: everything announced

Google I/O 2024 features AI advancements in Gemini models, new tools for creators, and Android updates.

: Google I/O 2024 showcased major AI advancements, particularly with its Gemini AI models enhancing Workspace, Chrome, and Android experiences. Notable announcements included video search capabilities in Google Lens, AI-driven scam detection for Android, and the introduction of Veo for video creation. Gemini AI is now integrated into tools such as Chrome for generating content and assisting users, demonstrating Google's commitment to AI-powered innovation.

From new AI features to Android updates, Google had a lot to share during this year’s I/O.

Google Lens now lets you search by recording a video
Google Lens already lets you search for something based on images, but now Google’s taking things a step further with the ability to search with a video.

Gemini will answer questions about your photo library
Google is rolling out a new feature this summer called “Ask Photos” that lets Gemini answer questions about your Google Photos library.

Google’s flagship Gemini model gets faster and more capable
Google has introduced a new AI model, Gemini 1.5 Flash, optimized for “narrow, high-frequency, low-latency tasks.”

Gemini joins users in Workspace
Gemini 1.5 Pro will be integrated into the sidebar for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and Gmail, turning into a general-purpose assistant within Workspace.

Project Astra is Google’s Star Trek AI future
Google’s Project Astra is a multimodal AI assistant aimed to become a do-everything virtual assistant.

Veo brings Sora-style video generation to creators
Google’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora is Veo, a generative AI model that can produce 1080p video based on text, image, and video-based prompts.

Gems bring custom chatbot creation to Gemini
Google is rolling out a custom chatbot creator called Gems for Gemini Advanced subscribers.

Gemini becomes a better conversation partner
The new Gemini Live feature aims to make voice chats with Gemini feel more natural with updated voice personality and real-time camera interactions.

Circle to Search can help solve math problems now
Android users can circle a math problem on their screen to get help solving it, with Google’s AI breaking it down into steps.

Google Search gets an AI overhaul
Google will roll out “AI Overviews” in the US, using a specialized Gemini model to design and populate search results pages with summarized answers.

Android gets AI-powered scam detection
Using Gemini Nano AI, Android phones will detect scam calls by identifying common scammer conversation patterns and providing real-time warnings.

Android devices are about to get smarter AI
Gemini will soon let users ask questions about videos on-screen and offer information based on automatic captions and PDFs.

Google Chrome is getting an AI assistant
Gemini Nano will be added to Chrome on desktop, providing on-device AI assistance for generating text and other tasks directly within the browser.

Google upgrades its SynthID AI watermarking
Google expands SynthID capabilities to embed watermarking into content created with Veo and detect AI-generated videos.