Google is building the first fiber optic cable connecting Africa and Australia

Google is constructing the Umoja fiber optic cable, connecting Africa to Australia.

: Google has announced the construction of the Umoja fiber optic cable to link Africa with Australia, enhancing connectivity across major cities. The project collaborates with Liquid Intelligent Technologies and extends to various African countries, aiming to bridge the digital divide. Additionally, Google plans to collaborate with Kenya on cybersecurity and digital innovations.

Google, in a significant infrastructure development, is building the first fiber optic cable, named the Umoja cable route, to connect Africa directly to Australia. This groundbreaking project will pass through several African nations including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa before crossing over the Indian Ocean to Perth, Australia. The terrestrial portion of this project has already been completed, with the challenging task of laying the cable across the ocean underway, though a completion date has not yet been confirmed.

This initiative not only aims to boost Google’s presence in Africa—an effort ongoing since 2007 when Google opened its first Sub-Saharan office in Nairobi—but also seeks to significantly improve connectivity infrastructure. With the continent expecting an influx of 300 million new online users in the next five years, the Umoja cable is poised to enhance data capacity immensely. It's part of Google's broader commitment to invest $1 billion in Africa's digital economy by 2026, covering connectivity enhancements and startup funding.

Moreover, Google is set to enhance its collaborative efforts with the Kenyan government focusing on cybersecurity, data innovations, digital upskilling, and AI deployment for societal benefits. These collaborations are in line with Google’s strategy to foster a digital ecosystem that supports comprehensive growth and development in Africa, facilitating not just enhanced connectivity but also a robust platform for technological advancements and digital sovereignty for the connected nations.