Google is reportedly building AI chatbots based on celebrities and influencers

Google is developing AI chatbots modeled after celebrities and influencers, using its Gemini language models to create these interactive bots.

: Google is creating AI-powered chatbots based on celebrities and YouTube influencers. These bots are developed using the Gemini family of large language models. Unlike previous efforts by other companies, it remains unclear which influencers Google will partner with or the project's ultimate purpose.

Google is reportedly working on AI chatbots inspired by celebrities and influencers, backed by its Gemini language models. This initiative aligns with similar efforts by companies like and Meta, though Google aims to strike unique partnerships with influencers and celebrities.

One feature under development will enable users to create personalized chatbots by describing their desired personalities and appearances, similar to's current offerings. The project is being led by Ryan Germick, an executive known for his work on Google Doodles, along with a team of ten.

The experiment may be limited in scope, potentially only appearing on Google Labs. Despite uncertain motives, this move follows Meta's mixed success with celebrity-based chatbots, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in leveraging personalities for interactive AI.