Granola debuts an AI notepad for meetings

Granola launches an AI notepad for efficient meeting note-taking, using AI to supplement user notes.

: Granola (, a new startup, introduced an AI-powered notepad app designed to optimize note-taking during meetings by blending AI-generated content with user input. The app directly transcribes meeting audio and enriches notes post-meeting with additional details, aiming to save time for users frequently in meetings. It features integration with popular conferencing tools and allows personal note corrections, leveraging OpenAI's GPT-4 technology.

Granola (, founded by Chris Pedregal and Sam Stephenson, offers a novel solution to the often tedious task of taking meeting notes. By leveraging AI, specifically OpenAI's GPT-4, Granola captures and processes spoken content in real-time during meetings. Users can choose to either manually take notes or let the AI handle it entirely. The app syncs with users' calendars, seamlessly connects to tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Slack, and WebEx for direct audio transcription, and uses this data to provide enhanced, detailed notes post-meeting. This approach not only simplifies note-taking but also makes it easier to review and verify information, as notes are hyperlinked to transcripts.

Granola distinguishes itself from other AI transcription tools by enabling a collaborative interaction between the AI and the user. This symbiotic functionality allows users to guide the AI by marking important discussion points, which the AI then elaborates on in the final notes. Granola also handles formatting and typographical errors, providing a cleaner and more structured output. Furthermore, the AI-generated notes are visually distinct, ensuring users can differentiate between their inputs and the AI-enhanced content. Granola aims to improve productivity, especially for professionals burdened with back-to-back digital meetings, by automating one of the more mundane aspects of professional communication.

The motivation behind Granola stemmed from Pedregal's previous experience with AI and his desire to integrate similar technology in practical, everyday tools. After leaving Google, where his previous company, Socratic, was acquired, Pedregal rejoined the entrepreneurial path to address inefficiencies observed in the workplace. With a fresh investment of $4.25 million led by Lightspeed and support from various other investors, Granola was developed and launched, offering free services for the initial 25 meetings, followed by a subscription model. Looking forward, the team hopes to extend their services beyond meeting notes to other areas such as memo writing and report filing, aiming to enhance overall workplace productivity.