GuliKit’s anti-drift Hall effect sticks are coming for your PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch Pro gamepads

GuliKit launches anti-drift Hall effect joysticks for various gamepads but not for all models.

: GuliKit is introducing upgrade kits featuring anti-drift Hall effect joystick technology for several gaming controllers including PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch Pro. However, the kits won’t be available for Sony’s DualSense Edge and Xbox Elite controllers due to the lack of calibration tools from Sony and Microsoft. These kits, which might require soldering to install, represent a significant innovation aimed at enhancing controller durability and performance.

GuliKit has developed an upgraded joystick technology using the Hall effect to combat the infamous 'drift' issue prevalent in gamepads, announcing the launch of upgrade kits for platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch Pro. Unfortunately, plans to include Sony's DualSense Edge and Xbox Elite controllers have been scrapped because these platforms lack proper calibration tools required for the new joysticks.

The installation of these anti-drift sticks could require soldering, suggesting a more complex upgrade process typically not suited for average users. Despite this, the Hall effect sticks promise reduced error rates compared to traditional joysticks, potentially revolutionizing controller design and longevity.

While other companies like Asus have adopted the Hall effect for their controllers, indicating an industry shift toward these more reliable joysticks, GuliKit's refusal to provide specific release dates or pricing details leaves some anticipation among gamers and tech enthusiasts. This move could set new standards in gamepad technology, emphasizing the importance of advanced, user-friendly designs in gaming hardware.