How to turn your iPad into a portable console display on iPadOS 18 [Video]

Guidelines for iPads as console displays, iOS 18 weather app updates, macOS Sequoia USB installer creation, and easier emoji input in iPadOS 18.

: Instructions are provided on converting iPads into portable console displays with iPadOS 18. New features for Apple's Weather app and steps for creating a macOS Sequoia USB installer are detailed. iPadOS 18 introduces simpler emoji selection and addition in iPhone apps.

Fernando Silva outlines the steps required to turn an iPad into a portable console display using iPadOS 18. This involves specific methods and tools suitable for users aiming to take advantage of this feature on their devices.

Ryan Christoffel explains the updates coming to Apple's Weather app in iOS 18, revealing two new features that enhance user experience. Jeff Benjamin provides a guide on creating a macOS Sequoia USB installer, walking through the process with clear instructions.

Filipe Espósito discusses how iPadOS 18 simplifies the process of choosing and adding emojis when typing in iPhone apps. These updates and features aim to improve usability and functionality across Apple's ecosystem.