Huawei launches Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition equipped with Kirin 9010L processor

Huawei launches Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition with upgraded Kirin 9010L processor.

: Huawei introduced the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition on May 17, featuring the new Kirin 9010L processor, an advancement over the previous Kirin 9000SL model. The enhanced processor includes high-speed and power-efficient cores, promising improved performance. The smartphone offers storage options of 512GB and 1TB, priced at $664 and $774 respectively.

On May 17, Huawei announced the release of a new version of its smartphone, the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition, which is equipped with the Kirin 9010L processor. This new processor marks an upgrade from the previously used Kirin 9000SL in the standard Nova 12 Ultra model. The Kirin 9010L includes a more sophisticated core configuration that consists of two high-speed cores at 2.19GHz, four mid-range cores at 2.18GHz, and three power-efficient cores operating at 1.40GHz. This arrangement is lauded for its enhanced performance capabilities when compared to its predecessor.

According to critiques and feedback from tech bloggers and smartphone consumers, the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition's performance is notably superior due to the new processor. Setup screens of the device confirm the inclusion of the Kirin 9010L, distinguishing it from the earlier model. IThome, a local media outlet, corroborates the improved performance, suggesting a significant step up from the earlier versions of Huawei's smartphones. Additionally, the new model comes in variants offering 512GB and 1TB of storage, addressing varying needs of storage capacity among users.

The market positioning of the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition is also reflected in its pricing, with the 512GB model priced at approximately $664 and the 1TB model at about $774. These prices suggest a premium segment offering by Huawei, aimed at tech enthusiasts and users demanding high performance and large storage capacities. The introduction of the Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition with the Kirin 9010L is indicative of Huawei's continuous push to innovate and improve their product offerings in the competitive tech market.