Intel provides recommended voltage settings for 13th and 14th-gen CPUs suffering crashes

Intel suggests new voltage settings and BIOS updates to address crashes in 13th and 14th-gen CPUs but still investigates the root cause.

: Intel has provided recommended BIOS settings to mitigate crashes in 13th and 14th-gen CPUs. Users should refer to motherboard vendors for updates while Intel investigates further. Issues have been reported with high-end games and other intensive programs.

Intel has suggested new BIOS settings and voltage parameters for users experiencing crashes in their 13th and 14th-generation CPUs. The company recommends matching these settings with those from motherboard vendors and frequently checking for updates.

The issue predominantly affects i7 and i9 K, KF, and KS processors, especially during intensive tasks like shader compilation in high-end games. Intel also advises specific power delivery profiles but cautions against using them indiscriminately for K-tier processors.

Although a definitive fix is still under investigation, Intel acknowledges that overly high voltages contribute to the problem. Users should continue to look out for updates from motherboard manufacturers like Asus, which already released firmware updates to improve power delivery and mitigate crashes.