Intel still doesn't know what is causing Core i9 desktop CPUs to crash

Intel hasn't identified the root cause of Core i9 desktop CPU crashes and a supposed fix was not correct.

: Intel is still uncertain about the root cause of stability issues affecting Core i9-14900K and 13900K CPUs. Reports of a fix involving the eTVB feature were incorrect. Gamers and developers have created temporary workarounds to mitigate crashes.

Intel has been investigating stability issues with its Core i9-14900K and 13900K CPUs, which have been causing frequent game crashes for users. Initial reports suggested that Intel had found the root cause related to the eTVB (enhanced Thermal Velocity Boost) feature, but Intel later clarified that this was not accurate.

Intel confirmed that while a microcode patch addressing an eTVB bug might contribute to resolving instability issues, it is not the definitive solution. Gamers with affected processors have encountered varying levels of game crashes and have resorted to temporary workarounds based on developer advice.

Games developed using Unreal Engine seem particularly problematic, with developers recommending changes to BIOS settings and the use of Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to underclock processor cores. Intel continues to investigate for a comprehensive fix while gamers manage with these interim measures.